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About Our Company lisadescampsjewelry.com
Lisa Des Camps is a life-long entrepreneur and business-woman. Her eponymous jewelry company, Lisa Des Camps Fine Jewelry, combines her passion for jewelry design, her beliefs about the need for luxury and beauty in our lives, and her well-honed business skills to bring beautifully, thoughtfully designed jewelry to you.


Lisa designs each jewel by hand, beginning with beautifully rendered drawings and selecting the highest quality gemstones from around the world to fuel creativity. She builds her pieces from those renderings, often collaborating with master craftsmen educated in ancient and time-honored processes that include hand forging, gem setting, and hand finishing. to engrave, polish, and texture the precious metals.


When you buy jewelry from Lisa Des Camps, you are buying into a refined idea about luxury. People tend to think the word means a lot or excess, but in fact, luxury is quite the opposite. True luxury is something one doesn’t come across every day. It’s not just a beautiful pair of shoes; it’s a pair of beautiful shoes that fit beautifully. It’s not just an expensive vacation; it’s a vacation in a place that restores your spirit and rests your soul. In other words, luxury is in the details.

Lisa Des Camps jewelry is luxury designer jewelry. We offer a seamless customer service experience that starts with being excellent listeners and continues with warmth and ease. We design for today and tomorrow, creating styles that are fresh now and will last a lifetime and beyond. Our hand-crafted jewelry is intended to be worn, as comfortable as a favorite robe, as indispensable as one’s smart phone.
Lisa Des Camps designs jewelry for those who understand and appreciate beautiful, well-designed, well-made jewelry; who have a deep appreciation of art and craftsmanship; who wear jewelry as a form of self-expression; and who value the experience as much as the end result. Lisa Des Camps is Luxury Designer Jewelry.
I have always loved jewelry — both collecting it and making it. When I was a teenager, I apprenticed every summer with the metalsmith in the town where I grew up. I learned all the basics of metalsmithing: how to use tools to bend and shape and manipulate metal, how to use a torch, how to file and saw. I was almost to the point of learning to set stones when I realized that I had to go get a “real” job in order to feed myself.
But I just couldn’t put the jewelry down. I continued to study, using every resource I could find. I have never been formally trained, but I have spent nearly every free moment of my adult life learning to make jewelry. I can’t tell you how many bench jewelers have been kind enough to let me hang out at their bench and bug them, asking questions, learning, and dreaming of doing this full time.


Why I do what I do at lisadescampsjewelry
As I developed my skills, I made many items for friends and family, and eventually that grew to include a nice little word-of-mouth customer base.


About four years ago I decided it was time to spend all my time pursuing this lifelong passion. It’s a little scary, but the heart wants what it wants, right? So here I am today. Making jewelry for you. Making jewelry for me.