• Natural Colored Diamonds

    IF THE HEIGHT OF LUXURY is to experience or acquire something extremely limited, then turn your attention to natural-color diamonds. Though De Beers brilliantly convinced us that white diamonds are the most aspirational gemstone, natural-color diamonds are far rarer.   How rare? Experts estimate ... View Post
  • Hoops or Studs????

    Have you noticed that some women are hoop people, and others are stud people? This preference probably starts as a matter of taste, but the fact that it isn’t revisited is a more a matter of habit. I have a friend who put in a pair of 1.5tcw diamond studs and didn’t bother to take them out again ... View Post
  • Beach Jewelry - Absolutely

    HAVE YOU EVER NOTICED that the thinking you do on the beach is different from the thinking you do in a cool garden? Both environments are deeply relaxing and can lead to inspiration and insight, but they are definitely different. The beach, with its sunbaked sand, the sound of water, the distinct... View Post